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On 22 November 2017, IRCIEF, KUIS has successfully launched Sadaqa House book entitled “Its Viability in the Islamic Banking Framework” during the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) held in Borneo Convention Centre, Kuching, from 21st – 23rd November 2017.

The launching ceremony was officiated by Dato’ Dr. Abdul Halim Ismail, the 2014 Royal Award Winner for Islamic Finance. The ceremony was attended by Professor Dato’ Dr. Abdul Halim Tamuri, Rector of KUIS; Mr. Saiful Anwar Hambali, Deputy Chief Shariah, BIMB; the authors and participants from various institutions.

International Research Centre of Islamic Economics and Finance (IRCIEF) is a research centre that focuses on Islamic Banking and Finance. In this respect, IRCIEF acts as a centre which allows academicians and industry players to meet and discuss together on issues, solutions and recommendations in the field of Islamic Economics and Finance.

This year has marked a history to IRCIEF specifically and KUIS generally in its achievement since it is established. Sadaqa House project has gone through a tough journey starting from 2014 in order to benefit the mankind. In September 2017, IRCIEF finally manage to harvest the outcome with the launching of Green Report. By launching the Sadaqa House book during the 13th WIEF, IRCIEF had made another great achievement for the Sadaqa House project.

Basically, the book contains outcomes of the research activities pertaining to the subject matter expert in which BIMB is one of the contributing members. This book is the first of its kind enlightening the concept of Sadaqa House within the Islamic banking framework. It highlights the fundamental principles governing the concept and operational and practical aspects of its implementation. Any interested party would find this book insightful since it provides detailed information regarding its possible establishment.

It is also indeed a worthy endeavour when the term ‘Sadaqa House’ has been included in “Strategic paper Bank Negara Malaysia” entitled “Value – Based Intermediation”. This inclusion will allow any interested banks in Malaysia to execute the Sadaqa House project.

With the launching of this practical and viable product, Islamic Finance sector can get a new idea and improvement and may this effort always be in the blessings of Allah s.w.t.

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