• To introduce Certificate in Shariah for Banking and Finance (CSBF) course offered by the International Research Centre of Islamic Economics and Finance, Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Selangor (IRCIEF-KUIS).

Introduction – Certificate in Shariah for Banking and Finance (CSBF)

Certificate in Shariah for Banking & Finance (CSBF) course was accredited by Finance Accreditation Agency (FAA) (FFA – 24 – 00002).

Objectives of the Course

1. to provide basic knowledge of Shariah related to Islamic Banking and Finance
2. to further develop and enhance the knowledge in all aspects related to Shariah in Islamic Banking and Finance
3. to produce certified personnel in Islamic Banking and Finance Modules

Focusing on the above objectives, the course offers 11 modules covering Shariah and its application in Islamic Banking and Finance.

Each module is delivered by distinguished speakers from the Islamic Banking and Finance industry.

Organization of the Course
The course is conducted during weekend, which covers seven hours per day for each module.
The seven hours are split into two:
(i) the first six hours for teaching and learning; and
(ii) the last one hour for assessment.

Once participants have completed and passed all modules, they will be awarded with the certificate of completion.

Method of Teaching & Assessment

Next Intake
October 2021 (Commence in 2 October – 12 December 2021)

Contact Person
Dr. Latifa Bibi Binti Musafar Hameed (Director of IRCIEF-KUIS)
Email: Latifabibi@kuis.edu.my